Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If My Roof Needs Roof Renew?

Yes.  Roof Renew is an all-natural agricultural oil, so it’s safe for people, plants, pets, and the environment.  You might not want to drink it or spray it in your eyes, but it won’t harm anything.  We also make sure any over spray is cleaned up before we leave.

Our warranty is a 5-year limited warranty that is backed by Greener Shingles and transferable should you sell your home or property during that period. The warranty guarantees that your shingles will retain their flexibility for 5 years beginning immediately upon application on your roof.  If your shingles lose their flexibility (the most common cause of roof failure) during the 5 year warranty period, Roof Renew will re-spray the affected areas at no cost to you. Having said that, we don’t believe you’ll have to file a warranty claim, because this stuff works as advertised.

Temperature:  Roof Renew can be sprayed, and perform as intended, as long as the outside temperature is above 36 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rain:  Roof Renew is formulated to absorb very quickly into the shingle.  As long as there’s no rain in the forecast within one hour of spraying, we can treat your roof.  Once absorbed, the oils will not wash away in the rain.  

Dried out shingles do tend to fade and show their age.  Roof Renew’s all-natural bio oil will rejuvenate the original color. We consider this an added benefit to Roof Renew’s primary purpose, which is to extend the life of your roof.  To see the color effect, click over to our Gallery to see some Before/After photos. 

It depends on the square footage and steepness of your roof, but the majority of roofs can be tuned up and treated with Roof Renew in 2 hours or less. That’s compared to a roof replacement that can be very disruptive, dirty, expensive, and take multiple days to complete.